DamFrederiksen is a young and ambitious company focusing on quality entertainment in every aspect of the word.

The company is started and owned by Brian Dam and Michael Frederiksen. It was originally launched in 2006 with the idea of starting a rental company for professional lightning and concert equipment. Later the idea developed to include not only lightning and concert equipment, but also event and concert planning.
The company is now a wide mix of different projects focusing on many different areas of entertainment, but all still with the basic idea of quality entertainment for all.

According to the dictionary, entertainment is the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.
At DamFrederiksen we provide the entertainment and leave all the enjoyment to you.

Our current main focus is on the development of Sexytoy.dk. Sexytoy.dk is a webshop focused on quality accessories for a quality sex life. We intend to provide our customers with only the best accessories from vibrators and massage oils to serious DVDs and massage candle lights.

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